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As with any successful business or operation, your customers are pivotal to your success. Effective client management is, therefore, one of the most important things your company can focus on! Here at Almenta, we can help your leadership and employees focus on building the skills needed to put your customers first by providing training and professional development services. The “human element” of any organization should be well developed and positioned to run a productivity and efficient operation.

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Client Testimonials

Dr. Mary Ritz is a prolific transformational thought leader who is highly skilled at creating an engaging atmosphere where mind altering dialogue can occur. She has an acute ability to connect the hearts of her audience instantly with her genuine approach to leadership, public service and behavioral change.

Kristie Kennedy Ward, Florida

I genuinely enjoyed Dr. Ritz’s training courses. I found them to be truly enlightening and inspiring. She only did not bring understanding of people management, but she has also given me new insights and perspectives. As a result my team’s morale and productivity have improved significantly.

Ryan Ito, California

Almenta International sets out to deliver as per their promise! After attending their customer management courses- we are delivering exceptional customer service and seeing profound impact on the results we are achieving with our customers.

Emmanuel Wilson, North Carolina

Almenta facilitates the workshops in a lively, passionate and practical way that helps participants to grasp the concepts easily and empowers them to apply the learnt skills in their environment. They use an innovative approach that makes the training come to life for the attendees. The end-to-end approach adds value to the business as one is able to determine the impact of the training from evaluating specific business metrics. As a business Econet continues to see value coming from the group that went through the Almenta program. The Almenta program is highly recommended for all those organizations that are serious about total transformation of the customer experience.

GM, Econet Zimbabwe Customer Service

We have used Almenta International to speak and train at our conferences, seminars and training sessions over the past 10 years. Almenta International has knowledge and experience in areas of their expertise. Dr. Ritz delivers with passion and conviction, inspires and challenges us out of our comfort zone – and all this is done professionally and with such great quality.

COO, InnoVent Group of Companies (UK & Africa)

Almenta International has the ability to inspire and interact with individuals at all levels. Its engagements are thought provoking and leave you with a sense of wanting to do more for your customers, your business, yourself and above all your community. We have enjoyed working with Almenta over the years we are happy to recommend them.

FM, Rampar Trading South Africa


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