Creating a customer culture that differentiates your brand is vital to your organization’s long-term success. This facilitated course offers practical advice on how to take a holistic approach (Customer Centricity) to creating a reputation for excellence in the participants’ businesses.

The course allows the learners to realize the importance of customer centricity and helps them learn how to appreciate and take an “outside-in” perspective. Participants will learn how to plan, devise strategies, and how to implement these strategies in a way that keeps the customers at the center of the entire process. Participants will learn how to optimize and align resources, processes; etc. to effectively meet customer needs. At the end of the training course, participants will have a customer centricity strategy outline that can be developed for implementation.


  • Understand how to transform the entire business model to be customer-centric
  • Develop a plan of action for strategic and operational transformation of the organization
  • Understand and Define customer-centricity using practical examples
  • Develop a Business Case for Customer Centricity
  • Understand Customer Centricity from a Systems Thinking Perspective
  • Gain tools to measure, train and improve staff’s approach to customer centricity
  • Understand customer segments and type of service they require
  • Customer Engagement and Voice of Customer
  • Developing Differentiated Customer Experiences



  • Create a Customer Centricity Vision specifically for your Organization
  • Understand How to Manage Different Customers (Separation of High Performing Customers and Other Customers)
  • Build Customer Centricity into Core Principles and Values
  • Build Customer Centricity into Business Planning and Strategy
  • Put in Place the Right Measurements for Sustainability
  • Exposure to Different Customer Centricity Frameworks