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Almenta International brings you quality talent development solutions and training for leadership, team development, and customer management. We are globally known for our virtual and in-person classes that teach your leadership and staff members how to work together cohesively and improve each interaction with clients! Reach out to us today with any questions you have regarding learning and development for your operation.



Owning and taking responsibility of our actions and it’s results.



Being highly professional and sincere in our business practices.



Adapt, modify and tailor our products, services to the customer needs.


Customer Focus

Foster excellence and work tirelessly to deliver superior customer excellence.

Corporate Training & Professional Development


Almenta International’s purpose is to make certain that leaders and the workforce are well-trained and empowered to manage the most valuable asset – The Customer, in order to achieve business performance and sustainability. Through our knowledge and experience with innovative techniques, we deliver comprehensive packages that can be customized for our clients’ unique needs.

Whether you need customer service, leadership or a multi-session program we are here to assist you with all your soft skills training.

Here at Almenta International, we want you to get to know us so that we can better serve your company’s needs. Our methods and approach to training sessions can include webinars, virtual, in-person training sessions, mastermind groups, and other forms of media; we want to know what works best for you and your team so that our classes can be as effective as possible.

For more information on our training sessions, seminars, and workshops and how we help you prepare to improve your leadership and workforce relationships, productivity, and performance, check out our Training Solutions Magazine!

Our Process

Our carefully devised Corporate Training Solutions help our clients outpace competition and improve business performance. The approach employed by Almenta International analyzes where the organization currently is, where it wishes to be, and what hurdles it faces in achieving its desired position. Our technique to establishing solutions takes the following perspectives:

Tailored Training

Experiential Learning

Holistic Approach

Global Perspective

Our Mission

With the desire to keep up with the continuously evolving market trends, Almenta aims to offer its impeccable services to its customers globally, supported by tailored and practical solutions. We aspire to develop long-term and sustainable mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, partners and stakeholders.


Meet Our Founder

Dr Mary Ritz

Founder & Owner

Dr. Mary Ritz is the Owner and Founder of Almenta International. She holds a PhD in Business focusing on Customer Centricity, an MBA with a concentration in International Business and an undergraduate degree in Marketing. An International Facilitator, Speaker and Consultant with over 10 years’ experience from a diverse background, Dr. Ritz has had the privilege of working at an international level in North America and across Africa with small, medium and large organizations.  Her areas of expertise are Customer Centricity, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Leadership & Management, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Team Building, People Management, Train the Trainer, Time Management and Doing Business in Africa. A thought provoking facilitator and consultant who uses innovative approaches that bring training and learning to life – thus successfully empowering people from the inside out.