Conflict can be detrimental to an organization and its effectiveness if not well managed. Having the skills to resolve internal conflicts effectively is one of the biggest challenges in today’s diverse and demanding workplace. Given the complexity of the workplace misunderstandings between all levels of employees is bound to happen.

The course is essential for leaders and individuals who want to foster a more cooperative and productive working environment. In this highly interactive workshop the Facilitator provides practical tools and techniques in resolving interpersonal conflicts and helps change attitudes and behaviors so that conflict is minimized. It teaches participants how to deal with others, settle differences in a refined manner, accommodate to other’s needs, and resolve disputes in a peaceful and constructive manner. By attending this course; you will empower you to facilitate and mediate difficult disputes.

TARGET AUDIENCE INCLUDE – Managers & Leaders, Supervisors & Team Leaders, Team Members/Staff and individuals who want to improve Conflict Management Skills.


  • How to evaluate their current conflict management and negotiation approaches and develop new frameworks
  • Identify what informs participants the need to negotiate effectively
  • Key negotiation concepts of evaluating alternatives, interests and parties and how to convert opponents into partners
  • An appreciation of conflict and how it can be used as a benefit
  • Apply techniques to managing emotions during conflict
  • Discuss the effect that power has on conflict resolution
  • Implement a strategy for continuous conflict management



  • Identify preferred conflict styles in influencing others and managing conflict
  • Acquire additional strategies that can be used to successfully resolve the conflict situation
  • Demonstrate skills in resolving conflict
  • Identify a plan to apply and enhance communication skills in the workplace to address existing conflicts
  • Know how to respond to diversity and different perspectives
  • Gain confidence in managing other’s conflict and your response to it
  • Understand the difference between aggression, assertion and passiveness


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