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Our purpose is to make certain that your leadership is well positioned and teams well-trained and empowered to manage the most valuable asset – The Customer.  If these areas are fully functional, the outcome is high business performance and sustainability.

Customer Management

How you interact with your customer and the quality of goods and services you offer to them are key to the success of your business. True successful organizations treat customers as their main revenue generator. They acknowledge that without the customer, they would not be in business. Therefore, Customer Management should be at the heart of every company’s strategy. At Almenta International we assist organizations to design, develop and implement customer management strategies to achieve sustainable business performance. We assist our customer to acquire, retain and expand a loyal customer base, internally and externally, to drive revenues and profits.

Through our Customer Management consulting services, we help our clients align their people, process and technology to ensure successful outcomes with their customers. We then assist to ensure that your customers are realizing the successful outcomes of the newly aligned processes. Our approach is to help our customers reach a single goal – to give their people the right information at the right time to make the right decision which leads to a happy customer – every time. Our Customer Management consulting include customer service, customer experience and customer centricity.

Leadership Development

The success of an organization starts with a well-trained and developed leadership team.  Providing leadership training and development and help set your organization apart.  An investment in leadership development will go a long way in business success.

Almenta International provides an exception leadership development and coaching program that offers participants tools and skills that can enhance and accelerate their leadership. We help leaders identify their strengths and determine how they can take these to improve effectiveness.  Through coaching, we will also help them identify gaps that may hold them and help them find ways to over come them.

We ensure that the training and coaching we provide will ensure an alignment with organizational strategy, goals and objectives and at the same time enabling the participants to take on more responsibility and challenging projects.  We use different tools such as leadership style assessments, communication and learning styles evaluations, setting goals, visioning etc. to enhance the participants’ learning experience and skills sets.

Workforce Development

Organizational success is directly linked to how well teams function and work together. Work force development should take high priority for organization that want to remain competitive and relevant.  Almenta International works with teams at all levels to understand and manage human and team dynamics.  The sole purpose is to ensure you have a well-developed, motivated, engaged and committed workforce.  It takes time, effort and resources to built teams that are cohesive and effective.  Effective teams are built through the understanding of set priorities, taking mutual accountability, transparency and open conversations that help build trust.

Almenta International facilitates the engagement of every team member and prompts the commitment to achieve the team’s potential.  Our aim is to ensure that the business, the team and the individual; all achieve their highest potential.   We encourage team members to engage in open and productive debate, find ways to successful onboard new members, and develop strong interpersonal relationships by reaching great levels of understanding.

We have helped organizations with initiatives such as building a positive team culture, employee engagement, leadership effectiveness, etc.  For teams to be successful, team members need to appreciate and embrace each other’s strengths, and styles all contributing to one common goal.  Our team development consulting services improve morale, but at the same time they help align team members to organizational goals.

Our team development programs include practical exercises, assessments and senior coaches to help groups focus on process and relationships as well as results.

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Our carefully devised solutions help our clients outpace the competition and enhance their business performances. The approach employed by Almenta analyzes where the organization currently is, where it wishes to be, and what hurdles lies in achieving its desired position.