The Customer Experience course is an excellent and thought-provoking program for any organization committed to their improving performance in a sustainable way. The course provides learners with excellent tools and skills to develop and implement a coherent customer experience strategy. It provides insight and foresight to what is required to increase customer’s satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and growth. It teaches the participants valuable lessons on the development and implementation of Customer Experience measurement strategies. Participants will learn why Customer Experience is crucial and assists them to build the business case, develop and execute a customer experience. If you want to change how your customers experience your brand – attend this course!


  • Basic principles of Customer Experience Management
  • Getting inside the mind of the client
  • Assess your organization’s Customer Experience
  • Build a case for Customer Experience Investment
  • Evaluating, interpretation and measuring the customer experience
  • Developing, designing and implementing a customer experience strategy
  • Design a Customer Experience program to deliver the strategy
  • Develop your organization’s Customer Experience Culture


  • Develop, design and implement a customer experience strategy
  • Design the customer journey
  • Understanding and measure customer value the customer’s way
  • Listening and acting on the customer’s voice
  • Customer experience data integration
  • Measuring customer experience
  • Gain skills to ensure cross-functional/department to the customer experience strategy