Our revolutionized customer service training course explores and covers all the aspects of customer service management utilizing a holistic approach and taking a systems thinking perspective. The aim of the course is to make customer service management a successful business strategy for an organization that takes customer loyalty seriously. Through a combination of lecture, audience participation, role play (and/or on the job-training), participants will learn specific skills for working through common customer service scenarios including turning around negative service situations, delivering customer service remotely, listening and analyzing skills, and increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Participants will learn about customer service skills that create positive first impressions, manage customer expectations, building customer loyalty and more.


  • Understand how an individual’s behavior impacts the behavior of others
  • Lay foundations to align behaviors to your organizations expectations of its customer service team
  • Develop more confidence and skill as a problem-solver
  • Communicate more assertively and effectively
  • Make customer service a team approach
  • Offer techniques and suggestions of how to measure customer service levels
  • Assess customer service attitudes and set goals for improvement
  • Build rewarding customer relationships


  • Deliver better, faster and increase customer satisfaction
  • Learn how to gain repeat business
  • Increase your credibility with customers and your value to your organization
  • Explain what customer services means in relation to teamwork
  • Use a range of communication techniques and strategies
  • Develop ways to develop and maintain a positive, customer focused attitude consistently
  • Master techniques to satisfy complainers, calm upset customers and regain confidence and goodwill
  • Understand customer needs by developing needs analysis techniques
  • A Personal Action Plan (S.M.A.R.T. Goals)