Resilience is a critical part of a healthy and thriving workplace team and even within one’s family. It is particularly important for individuals and teams experiencing disruptive change while already operating in high-stress and dynamic environments.

Through a tightening domestic and global economy, ever changing work environments, and high expectations to still out-perform competition, our capacity to adapt and quickly recover from challenges is constantly tested.  Furthermore, the outside uncertainties, adversities, and stressors are simultaneously being felt in our social and personal lives.  If, these collective pressures are not effectively managed, there can be negative impacts on organizational performance and individual quality of life.  To manage and rise above these pressures, people need to develop their resilience skills.

This thought provoking and eye-opening training course improves how teams and individuals handle pressure and change. The course will help enhance employee engagement and performance by showing how to recognize and overcome negativity bias and fear.  It will empower participants to thrive despite challenging environments and setbacks, and at the same time challenge paralyzing ways of thinking in times of uncertainty.   Almenta International has carefully planned the course to comprise all essential tools, philosophy, and understanding to building resilience to improve morale, productivity, and organizational performance in a sustainable way.  The course will provide strategies that can be adapted that lead to empowerment and control over thoughts and actions.

TARGET AUDIENCE INCLUDE – Managers, Team Members, Leaders, Team Leaders and individuals who want to improve Resilience.


  • Understand the importance of personal resilience
  • Possess the confidence to overcome fears, anxieties, and negative thoughts
  • Build personal resilience tools and strategies to overcome challenges
  • Demonstrate empathy and compassion towards self and others
  • Develop essential strategies to ensure organizational resilience
  • Examine emotions and perspectives to improve well-being and organizational effectiveness
  • Develop perseverance during adversity and focus on positive aspects of life



  • Improve understanding of resilience
  • Identity how thinking traps can undercut resilience
  • Develop greater resilience skills and competencies
  • Enhance sense of personal power and control
  • Master techniques to identify and manage “stressors”
  • Increase well-being and optimism
  • Reduce and prevent anxiety and fear
  • Turn stressors into opportunities
  • Use personal skills such as Emotional Intelligence to enhance teamwork and collaboration
  • Appreciate that functioning from inside out is critical to becoming resilient and effective


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