Communicating with Impact and Influence

Does the idea of giving a speech or presentation in front of an audience sound unnerving to you?  Do you feel comfortable speaking to audiences, but still have some areas in which you’d like to improve?  How about becoming an extraordinary and impactful communicator whose presentations are engaging, memorable, and stand out from the crowd?

Although anxiety and fear of public speaking are persistent challenges for many people, frequently it’s the lack of presentation structure and a failure to keep the audience engaged and interested that creates adverse communication barriers for speakers and their audiences.   In this session, we will demonstrate tools and strategies to help participants overcome the fear and anxiety of presenting or public speaking and provide insight on how presenters can go beyond simply delivering facts or statistics by giving compelling, meaningful, and memorable presentations.  The session will also cover how presenters can craft people-centered presentations by recognizing what matters to their audience in order to deliver the message in a way that resonates and inspires action.  The training includes active participation in valuable lessons on developing and delivering structured presentations that have the power to shift the way people think, feel, and behave.

Finally, regardless of whether future presentations will be delivered in person, telephonically, or virtually, and independent of their industry, role, or professional level, this session will enable the participants to build a unique set of skills to confidently and effectively give clear, poised, and engaging presentations.


  • Learn how to structure your presentation
  • Identify and understand your audience
  • Learn how to deliver a memorable message
  • Increase engagement and improve communication effectiveness
  • Improve sales performance and customer relationships
  • Build teams that can effectively communicate about your products and services
  • Build a repertoire of tools and skill sets that help you influence and persuade



  • Convey information in a structured way that will create a meaningful flow for your audience
  • Acquire presentation techniques that create an engaging experience for the audience
  • Open hearts and minds by developing a trusted relationship with your audience
  • Apply techniques to help people pay attention and remember the information you share