Our Employee Engagement training course is for managers and leaders who need to turn the employees into committed team members who are dedicated to the success of the organization. The course explores the critical role of front line leaders in creating and sustaining employee engagement as a driver for well-being, growth and profitability within the organization. It examines the evidence of why engagement matters and how to build it into the organization by offering techniques that will enhance engagement.

The course will also educate participants why employee engagement is important and valuable, it will provide strategies and proactive methods to develop an engaged workforce. Participants will learn how to connect with employees on an emotional level to motivate them, the cost of employee disengagement and more. Participants will be exposed to the leadership competencies, skills and behaviors required to build and maintain successful outcomes.

TARGET AUDIENCE INCLUDE – Managers, Leaders, Line Managers and Supervisors, HR Professionals and anyone who wants to improve Employee Engagement Skills.


  • How to define employee engagement and review the compelling business case for its implementation
  • How to measure, sustain and generate engagement
  • How to evaluate leadership styles that may positively or negatively impact employee engagement
  • How to use “the collective power of wisdom” to generate collaborative practice
  • How to evaluate and enhance organizational engagement


  • Define what is meant by employee engagement and its importance
  • Evaluate different approaches to measuring employee engagement
  • Appreciate the strategic issues associated with employee engagement
  • Appreciate the impact of structures of management and ownership on employee engagement
  • Understand the impact of personal management and leadership style on employee engagement
  • Apply tools and techniques that evaluate and measure organizational engagement
  • Gain skills and techniques that improve employee engagement
  • Recognize how employee engagement can benefit your organization