Leaders are often faced with unprecedented and complex challenges such as unpredictable economic conditions, diversified workforces with different perspectives and needs, and high customer expectations.  Navigating these challenges and complexities requires leaders who are self-aware and can remain true to their personal values, promote change while remaining adaptable, and be accountable for achieving business objectives.

At Almenta International we understand that the development of your leadership team is imperative.  We have the experience, know-how, and passion to enhance your team’s leadership skills.  The topics we cover in this training course are embedded in our Leadership Framework: Leading Self, Leading Teams, and Leading Organization.  Topics include emotional intelligence, understanding different behavior and communication styles, strengths, and opportunities for growth; conflict resolution, effective communication; co-active coaching; building trust, providing feedback; and many more.  The skills learned in this course easily translate to position leaders to build and motivate high performing and engaged teams for organizational excellence.

Participant Learning Objectives

  • Understand your motivational drivers, inner traits and communications strategies to establish your leadership style
  • Develop and lead a high performing team and organization
  • Sharpen interpersonal and communication skills to influence and inspire teams
  • Build trust, engage and motivate team members
  • Build skills to surface critical issues and deal with conflict constructively
  • Coach team members and share feedback to encourage development and empowerment
  • Develop skills to help your team and organization achieve objectives
  • Learn through interactive presentations, case studies, evaluations, and group discussions

Training Outcomes at a Glance

  • Demonstrate authentic self-leadership
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand and apply leadership communication strategies to execute change
  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of effective leadership competencies and apply them professionally and personally
  • Demonstrate leadership efficiency by advancing the organization through coaching and team building efforts
  • Be able to build strong relationships with your team , increase engagement and shape a culture of high performance
  • Demonstrate capability to lead a 21st century organization


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