FORGE 2018

Leadership Conference

An authentic & Thought Provoking Leadership Dialogue

Date & Time: August 23 – 24 , 2018 | 8:30am – 4:30pm
Venue: Celebration Centre, Borrowdale Road, Harare, Zimbabwe
Price: $100 Per Person

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Forging New Leadership Pathways

Our world is accelerated with uncertainty, complexity and instability. There is a rise in social and political unrest, and economic failures. Some of the questions we ask are:

  • What kind of leadership, skills and strategies do we require to create more conducive environments?
  • What has limited our leadership beliefs, why are we here?
  • How can we reframe and create new paths of leadership?

Join the dialogue at the FORGE Leadership Conference where we are hosting a diverse group of speakers with international, regional and local exposure.

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Full List of Events & Milestones

Christian Woman’s Breakfast ($25 Per Person)

Women play a significant role in our societies today; whether it is in the family, political, or economic arenas.  It is essential that they are encouraged to step-out and step-up to be a part of the solution

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Christian Leadership Meeting (Free)

Overall, it is believed that leadership has been challenged in most institutions, including the church in Zimbabwe.  Men and women of God have been found in compromising positions given the…

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Christian Evening Meeting (Free)

The two evening events are scheduled after the FORGE Leadership Conference.  In addition to attracting the general public, we also aim to attract conference participants that wish to hear more and…

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Christian Youth Meeting (Free)

The target audience for this meeting is young men and women between the ages of 16 to 30.  Just like most Zimbabweans, this group of people has been impacted by the economic and…

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Guest Speakers

Dr. Mary Ritz
Business Owner & International Speaker
Atlanta GA, USA

Mr. Douglas Mboweni
Group CEO – Econet
Harare, Zimbabwe

Pastor Steve Dow
Lead Pastor
Tallahassee FL, USA

Mr. Patrick Kuwana, Founder and CEO
Crossover Transformation Group
Johannesburg, South Africa

Mr. Ellington Kamba
Media Research Analyst
Washington DC, USA

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