Another test of great leadership is: how well do you lead and manage a virtual team?  The buck stops with the leader.  If managed effectively, virtual teams can increase productivity, help meet organizational goals and improve quality of work and life.  Associated with leading virtually are a host of unique challenges that can hurt team success and performance.

What tools and techniques do you need to effectively lead your team?  What kind of approach, thinking and planning do you require?  This Leading and Managing Virtual Teams training course will provide a deep understanding of the communication and collaboration tools that allow virtual working to be the normal mode of working today. In this training course, you learn to effectively lead virtual teams across organizational separation, while continuously delivering results. You will examine the unique opportunities and challenges that come with remote work and explore strategies to enhance your ability to lead your team to success.  Get ready to develop the competencies of a virtual leader, and strengthen and enhance the productivity of your virtual team while building trust and making authentic connections with team members.


  • Identify and overcome the challenges of virtual teams
  • Build and maintain virtual teams to create success
  • Design an action plan to optimize team effectiveness
  • Maintain team performance through key collaborative relationships
  • Facilitate teams using effective communication skills and technologies
  • Build trust and appreciate the importance of autonomy in virtual teams
  • Identify creative ways to motivate and delegate effectively
  • Manage the risks and benefits of distance and cultural diversity
  • Lead team to clear decisions and accountability


  • Gain tools and skills to effectively lead a virtual team
  • Overcome challenges of leading a virtual team
  • Develop and action plan to optimize team success
  • Keep virtual teams engaged and connected across time and space
  • Manage team performance and deliver successful results

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