The 21st century workplace consists of five diverse and distinct generations. The way these generations think, communicate, and behave differently that in some cases interactions are fueled with challenges and misunderstandings. An “use and them” attitude underlies the interaction leading to conflict. However, the differences, each generation adds and brings can bring great value to the organization if channeled appropriately. The right leadership managing can extract and capitalize the value each group brings. The course will provide techniques, skills and strategies that can be applied in managing the different generations.

TARGET AUDIENCE INCLUDE – Managers, Leaders, Line Managers and Supervisors, HR Professionals and anyone who wants to improve the Management of Multi-Generations.


  • Describe the five generations found at work, their core values, and personalities
  • Explain how generational differences impact communication styles and work preferences
  • Discuss the positive attributes that each generation brings to the office
  • Implement tactics for communicating with and managing members for each generation
  • Promote Stronger communication in a generationally diverse team


  • Develop an interactive profile of your talent-management capabilities
  • Create a plan for developing your talent management skills
  • View your organization and its goals from each generation’s perspectives
  • Enhance your ability to sense and respond to the changing needs of every generation at work
  • Applying motivational and influencing techniques that are appropriate for different generations
  • Attract new talent by enhancing your organization’s reputation as an employer of choice
  • Improve retention and loyalty, especially among your knowledge workers