Are you looking to grow in your profession, as leader, or business owner? Where ever you are in life or career, you can join one of our Mastermind Groups where you will learn and grow with like-minded people.

You can gain new perspectives, get education and advice, brainstorm ideas and get some sound feedback from your peers, be challenged and be accountable.  Tap into the wisdom and experience of others and discover solutions and ideas otherwise you would have not discovered on your own.  These guided mastermind groups will offer you the opportunity to grow and sharpen your skills.

Virtual and in-person groups are available in Atlanta.  Our groups are of 8-10 individuals.  Bring a positive attitude, an open mind, commitment, effort and a willingness to with others. For more information contact us today!

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Our carefully devised solutions help our clients outpace the competition and enhance their business performances. The approach employed by Almenta analyzes where the organization currently is, where it wishes to be, and what hurdles lies in achieving its desired position.