What’s in the Name?

The first question I’m frequently asked is “what does Almenta” mean?  Not only are people curious about the meaning, but they are intrigued by why I chose such a unique name for the organization.   Almenta means “an inspired woman” a name that originates from the Latin language.  Well, the main reason I selected the name was the meaning resonated with me deeply, specifically at that time when I was transitioning from my corporate job in South Africa into entrepreneurship.

The Need to Pivot

Once people understand the meaning of the company name, they move swiftly to ask what Almenta International does, because evidently the name doesn’t provide evidence of what I do.   Initially, in 2008 I provided customer service training and consulting services primarily.   But as I became more involved with my clients and entrenched in their organizations, I realized an unsustainable trend in some cases.  Most organizations placed unrealistic expectations on their customer service teams when the entire organizational system was not geared to support their efforts.  Though it was true that most customer service teams had challenges, but some of the root causes were beyond their control.  Systems, processes, leadership and the basic management of these teams were not supportive of a positive and winning culture.  The outcome was unhappy team members, frustrated leadership, poor customer service/experience, under performance and not so positive work environments. Clearly fixing one component on the equation did not help matters.

What does Almenta International Do? …… The Human Element Focus

As a result, Almenta International evolved to focus holistically on the “human element” of the organization. We believe that focusing only on the customer and neglecting the teams that serve them is unexploited effort.  Great leadership and effectively managed teams are beneficial for customer retention and overall organizational performance.   Our purpose and passion are to help organizations develop and empower leaders and their workforce to run effective and sustainable organizations that put customers first.  It starts with good leadership that sets a clear strategic direction to its followers, builds a positive culture, engages and empowers the team to perform their duties.  Effective leadership plays a big role in influencing the rest of the workforce.  For the set organization vision to be realized, teams need to work in communicate and work cohesively.  It takes good leadership and team development.  Once the leadership and the workforce are well equipped and working in sync – then the customer can truly be satisfied and retained.   We therefore focus on the below mentioned three human elements:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Workforce/Team Development
  3. Customer Management

Our primary services include (but aren’t limited to), Leadership and Management, Employee Engagement, Strategy Development, Effective Presentation Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Building Effective Teams, Conflict Management, Customer Experience, Customer Service, and Customer Centricity.  We’re also a John Maxwell certified organization.  As a John Maxwell partner, Almenta International can train, facilitate, and speak on John Maxwell’s work and content, including leadership, team and relationship building, and personal development.

What is Almenta’s Value Proposition?

Almenta International draws knowledge and expertise from a wealth of diverse experiences gained over the years in different work environments and economies.  We’ve had the privilege to work locally and internationally providing training and consulting services in diverse industries for small, medium, and large organizations.

Due to our size, we are flexible and fluid in our approach – ensuring we put our client’s needs first.  We believe every client is different and experiences different challenges.  Accordingly, our solutions are custom-made to suit our clients’ different needs.  We take the necessary time to understand how our clients work and help them reach their goals through strategic planning, training initiatives, or both.  We believe in being client focused and building long-term relationships by creating unique and superior customer experiences.  The lasting partnerships we’ve developed with our clients are based on relational principles more than transactional, and this has served us and our partners well.

How can Almenta International Help You?

If you are looking for a training partner who can assist you with the “human element” of your organization, look no further. Whether you want to train your managers/leaders or your workforce, contact me to schedule a free consultation at mary.ritz@almentainternational.net or 407 572 2355