Listen to “Episode 94: “Just Move Forward”, Dr. Mary Ritz, Almenta International” on Spreaker.

On our website today, we’re thrilled to feature a captivating podcast episode where the hosts of the MAP Show engage in a profound discussion with Dr. Mary Ritz. Dr. Ritz is the esteemed founder and guiding force behind Almenta International, a firm dedicated to cultivating excellence in customer management and fostering effective leadership through developmental training.

Dr. Ritz’s roots can be traced back to Zimbabwe, where she spent her formative years. In this conversation, she unveils her personal journey that took her from a Southern African nation marked by stark socioeconomic disparity to where she is today. She recounts an extraordinary moment when a decision made by her grandmother, despite being unable to read, write or speak English, dramatically reshaped the future for Dr. Ritz and her family.

As you listen, you’ll gain insight into the transformative power of education in Dr. Ritz’s life. She also reflects on the pivotal role of hope and underscores the significance of maintaining adaptability in response to life’s unfolding events. Stay tuned for this inspiring podcast right here on our page.