The overall objective of the course is to ensure that human resource capital is highly optimized in the organization for business performance. An organization cannot achieve greatness if its human resources capital is not managed effectively, from talent acquisition until the talent decides to leave employment. A team must be able to innovatively and creatively generate great ideas that are significant to impact the bottom line. This highly interactive training session will provide participants with the skills to understand fundamentals of people management. They will develop internal values as leaders and managers that bring self-awareness of their impact on how they manage people. They will also learn how to develop the best leadership style and how to generate creative strategies to manage people effectively in their organizations.

TARGET AUDIENCE INCLUDE – Managers & Leaders, HR Managers & Leaders, Supervisors & Team Leads and individuals who want to improve People Management Skills.


  • How to build and develop high performing teams in the organization
  • How to create a work culture that is conducive for teams and the organization
  • How to identify the best People Management strategies that yield the best results
  • Define how leadership style impacts on People Management
  • How to become self-aware in how people should be managed


  • Develop and explain people management concepts to creating a work-life balance for teams
  • Gain practical tools that are used to build and manage people effectively
  • Use different people management strategies to lead and manage teams effectively
  • Develop a people management strategic framework to enhance ownership at a personal level as related to business performance
  • Become more aware of leadership intrinsic and extrinsic capabilities that impact People Management