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Speaking Engagement

Dr. Mary Ritz, an experienced international facilitator, consultant and inspirational speaker, delivers conferences and training sessions that bring training and learning to life.

She speaks enthusiastically on a variety of topics including customer management, leadership development, and team development – all in a way that successfully empowers your employees within their own roles.

Dr. Ritz has worked at an international level in North America and across Africa with small, medium, and large organizations. Not only is she is a John Maxwell Certified Teacher, Speaker, and Coach, but she also holds a Ph.D. in Business (focusing on Customer Centricity), an MBA with a concentration in International Business, and an undergraduate degree in Marketing.

With over ten years of experience in a variety of fields, Dr. Mary Ritz is the expert and well-seasoned professional that your business needs to step up its game in the leadership, team development, and customer management realms.  Curious about how to get in touch and set up a virtual or in-person conference for your employees? Reach out to us at Almenta International to chat about your business needs today.

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